About The Blog

Hi, and thank you for visiting CritterVille.org. My name is Connie. I’m a veterinary technician from California residing in Mexico. Now, mostly active with volunteer rescue and spay/neuter clinic work. I’ve always loved writing and sharing information, especially if it pertains to the well-being of a pet or animal. I could talk to anyone about their critter for hours…friends and family would happily attest to that! 

A year ago, I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. Though it was benign, it caused me many troubles, and while I lay there in the hospital, I thought about things I always wanted to do but never did. Well, I have been given a second opportunity, and I am determined to embrace it to the fullest this time around. I can’t wait, along with my pack of rescued critters, to share knowledge and good times with you all!

Love, Connie Monico